History Bunker Leather Jackets and Coats

We have a wide range of WW1 leather coats and WW2 leather jackets, some of the more popular are

  • WW2 German leather trench coats

    royal flying corps leather coat
    royal flying corps leather coat
  • WW1 British Royal Flying coat
  • WW2 Soviet Tank Jacket
  • Hans Joachim Marseille leather jacket
  • WW2 Luftwaffe leather jacket
  • WW2 Uboat leather jacket


Our full range can be seen here

Although we hold large stocks of leather jackets and coats we make a great many to order as we are often asked by customers for specific designs and adjustments to be made, however as standard our leather jackets are

  • 100% leather
  • Buffalo, Goat, Cow or Horsehide
  • Fully lined
  • 1 or 2 internal pockets
  • have removable shoulder boards (where appropriate)

On many occasions our customers want their leather jackets to be given a distressed look, in the past we have asked our tannery to do this for us but have had varying results, so we now “vintage” our jackets ourselves. A brief guide to what we do is as follows

  • Place the jacket over a tailors dummy, this gives the jacket more shape

    German ME-109 pilots jacket
    German ME-109 pilots jacket
  • Ascertain where the main areas of wear would appear on a heavily worn jacket
  • Theses include, the main outside seams, pockets, button holes, cuffs and bottom hem
  • Use rough sandpaper or a fine wood file to carefully distress each point
  • Add other points of wear to general areas of the jacket, elbows, chest etc
  • Be careful not to over do it and make the jacket TOO vintage



Natalie working on one of our RFC leathers


Obviously all our leathers are brand new, we can make them look old but the leather (for instance horsehide) will still be stiff and will need breaking in, this process takes time and eventually your jacket will be broken into the shape of your body. However, for those of you who wish to speed up this process there is another method, but only for those brave enough to try it

  • Turn on your shower to reasonable heat

    Leather Hussars Jacket
    Leather Hussars Jacket
  • Put the jacket on and get under the water
  • Make sure the jacket becomes soaking wet
  • Then let the jacket dry whilst still wearing it
  • This will soften the leather and mould the jacket to your shape
  • Make sure its a warm day outside!

Please be aware though, all leather hides react differently and we do NOT really recommend this method as it could end up ruining the jacket, its just an old trick we have been told about.  Time and continual wear is the best way to break in the leather!


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