WW1 British army overcoat greatcoat


ww1 british army overcoat greatcoat
ww1 british army overcoat greatcoat
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WW1 British army overcoat greatcoat

WW1 British Soldier Overcoat

made from khaki serge

2 two lower skirt pockets

1 watch pocket

1 inside pocket

re-enforced shoulders 

upturned cuffs

half belt at the back

partial lining 


In January 1902 the British army adopted a universal khaki uniform for home service wear, the Service Dress, after experience with lighter khaki drill in India and South Africa. The traditional scarlet, blue and green uniforms were however retained for full dress and off duty “walking out dress” wear. Details of these colourful uniforms varied greatly between regiments and branches of the army.[4] The early use of camouflage in the form of plain khaki reflected the exigencies of colonial war and the freedom allowed, and taken, by many of the officers who fought it. The adoption of khaki for active service resulted from the development of weapons of greater accuracy range combined with smokeless powder during the late 19th century, making low-visibility on the battlefield a matter of priority.[5]

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